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Visitors to this website will inevitably leave traces on the host server. Providers are required by law to log, store and transmit this data to authorized government agencies upon request. The following data is collected when you visit our website: the names of the files accessed during your visit, the date and time of your visit, the volume of data transmitted to your PC, the web browser used to access the website, the requesting URL and your current IP-address. This website does not use cookies or other technologies to track the access of individual users. Data collected through this website is used for statistical purposes and is not used to analyse individual user profiles.

Further personal data may be collected directly by TEXTPRAXIS if volunteered in the course of e-mail correspondence or other business transactions (e.g. if you choose to purchase our services). This data will be saved in an internal database that is not accessible to third parties and used exclusively to respond to your queries and deliver services as ordered. Your personal data will be treated as confidential and will only be made available to third parties as necessary to execute our business, in particular to facilitate the collection of outstanding payments.

Your consent to the storage of this data may be rescinded with future effect at any time following the conclusion of the business transaction (delivery and payment of services in full). Please contact TEXTPRAXIS by e-mail to revoke your consent: info@textpraxis.de. Your personal data will be deleted when you revoke your consent, when the purpose for retaining this data is no longer pertinent, or when applicable laws in force prohibit the storage of this data. We are happy to inform you of data stored in relation to your person if so requested in writing.

Security notice: While we endeavour to undertake all available technical and organizational measures to store your personal data in such a way that it is not accessible by third parties, TEXTPRAXIS cannot guarantee that e-mail communications will not be intercepted and recommend that postal services be used to send confidential information.

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