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Established in 1998, TEXTPRAXIS is a hand-picked network of specialized freelancers. Our team includes:

·A qualified translator and editor (native German speaker)
·A qualified translator and editor (native English speaker)
·A professional typesetter, layout artist and expert for DTP
·An experienced web programmer

Our team members are all university graduates. We learned our trades from the ground up and keep a close eye on the latest developments in our fields. Place your trust in the expertise and experience gained in over 500 books and book series projects as well as countless translation and editorial assignments.

Owner, coordinator and your point of contact
Marion Schweizer, qualified translator (DipTrans IoLET), executive and producing editor, author

Over 30 years of experience, including 12 years as an in-house editor with various publishing houses (incl. Rowohlt and Patmos) and 14 years as a contracting editor for Elefanten Press, Bertelsmann, Langenscheidt, and Horlemann among others
·Participant at the Summer Academy for National and International Human Rights Protection (German Institute for Human Rights)
·Professional training in indexing
·Attendee of university lectures on international relations
·Diploma in translation (DipTrans IoLET). Recipient of the 2007 Fred Brandeis Award as the best examination candidate worldwide for the combination English – German
·Professional training for specialist translations in the field of politics (Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule Hamburg)
·Internship at and subsequent employment by publishers Rowohlt Verlag
·University studies in German, English and Education Studies at universities in Tübingen, Mannheim and Newcastle, 3 state examinations

TEXTPRAXIS specializes in working with content in the fields of politics, human rights, development and ecology. Here are some of our milestones:

Ground Zero Carole Gallagher (1993), American Ground Zero. The Secret Nuclear War, New York. (Translated into the German language)

Miller Krieg Lee Miller (1992), Lee Miller's war: photographer and correspondent with the allies in Europe, 1944-45, Boston. (Translated into the German language)

Elefanten Press Elefanten Press Books for young readers, a book series combining political themes and social criticism, over 100 titles, edited by Marion Schweizer, 1996-2002, published by Elefanten Press, Berlin and Munich. (Editing and overall production)

Edition Ich klage an Edition "Ich klage an!" (Series "I accuse!"), edited by Marion Schweizer, 1998-2002, and published by Elefanten Press, Berlin and Munich. Comprising over 20 non-fiction titles for younger readers on important human rights issues, titles published in this series have been recognized with the LUCHS Prize of German weekly DIE ZEIT and the Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize. (Editing and overall production)

Schweizer Lanig Marion Schweizer, Jürgen Lanig (2002), "Ausländer nehmen uns die Arbeitsplätze weg!" Rechtsradikale Propaganda und wie man sie widerlegt ("Foreigners take our jobs!" Extreme-right propaganda and how to disprove it), Mülheim. (Writing)

Kompass Compass – A Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People. 2002 by Council of Europe (ed.). (Translated into the German language and overall production of the printed edition). Online edition in English and German

Edition Menschenrechte Edition Menschenrechte (Series Human Rights), edited by Marion Schweizer, from 2008, published by Horlemann Verlag, Berlin. (Editing, overall production)

Compasito Com­pa­sito – Manual on human rights education for children. 2002 by Council of Europe (ed.). (Translated into the German language and overall production of the printed edition). Online edition in English and German

Global Sustainability Global Sustainability – A Nobel Cause, H.-J. Schellnhuber et al. (Ed.), Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Cambridge University Press 2010. (Editing and overall production in the English language)

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