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Ecology and climate change
When the winds of change are blowing, fools build walls and the wise windmills.
In the wake of years of intense debate on its probable causes, climate change has become a reality. Societies across the globe are already seeking to mitigate its effects on the ground, while international policy-makers struggle to reach a consensus on new standards.
  Their discussions are further complicated by the immense differences in the levels of development around the world. While the industrialized nations discuss the prospects for the Green Economy, small Pacific island states are already seeking countries willing to host their endangered populations. So everything is connected in this new age: human rights, population, food, poverty, migration, education, development, participation, sustainability, biodiversity, environmental protection and climate change.
  The challenge of bringing together stakeholders from civil society, politics, science and business is made all the more difficult by their very different languages. Facilitating understanding is our mission.

We translate and edit texts written in German and English:

·Books, studies, articles, policy reports, discussion papers, project descriptions and more
·for research institutes, political stakeholders, international organizations, NGOs

The following publications are examples of our previous work. We are always keen to explore new areas within this field.

Globalisierung Global Sustainability – A Nobel Cause, H.-J. Schellnhuber et al. (Ed.), Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Cambridge University Press 2010. (Editing and overall production in the English language).

Stadtentwicklung Take a deeper look. The holistic approach to sustainable urban development (2008), SymbioCity, Stockholm (Translated into the German language). The German translation is currently not available online. The original document is available here.

Zivilisation Derrick Jensen, Endgame. The Problem of Civilization. New York. (Translated into the German language)

Leben retten Jane Goodall, Marc Bekoff (2003), The Ten Trusts, What We Must Do to Care for The Animals We Love, San Francisco. (Translated into the German language)

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